Ritesh And Genelia True Love Birds

What about Ritesh and Genelia?

Ritesh and Genelia are two renowned stars of Bollywood, the second-biggest film industry in the world. Also, they are husband and wife since 2012. Moreover, Ritesh who born on 17 December 1978 is the son of a politician. He has appeared in 42 films as playing a lead role. However, he also has a special appearance in 12 films. He also hosted many awards shows and TV shows as well. To read more Ritesh, click here.

Ritesh and genelia
Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia with family after the birth of 2nd son

While Genelia is also a famous Bollywood actress. She was born on 5 August 1987 in Maharashtra India also the native place of his husband. The winner of many awards Genelia has appeared in 36 films. Moreover, she is famous in the industry as a Bubby girl. For further details about Genelia, click here.

Genelia and Ritesh love story

They both met during the shooting of film Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2002. It was a debut film of both celebrities. However, at the first meeting, Genelia assumed Ritesh a typical politician’s son but later she had to changes her opinion. During the shooting, they come to close each other on and offset. Their friendship soon became a love between the two as they started feeling for each other. They used to roam together around and started dating. However, Genelia confessed that Ritesh never proposed me.


Ritesh and Genelia almost dated for a decade. Finally, in 2012, they decided to marry. According to Genelia, he did not propose me directly for marriage as he is not a romantic guy. However, he sent his parents to my home and they met my parents. Hence it was an arranged marriage. Thus on 3 February 2012, they both get married.

The couple is a true love bird as they have never fought since 2002 when the met for first. They both are living a happy life and are an example for many many Bollywood stars. Also, they have two sons Riaan and Rahyl.

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Ritesh and Genelia
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Ritesh and Genelia
Ritesh and Genelia the beautiful Bollywood stars are togethr since 2002. Ritesh genelia couple is an examplery couple for other Bollywood stars.
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