Ruby O Fee The Invisibles Actress

What about Ruby O Fee?

Ruby O Fee is one of the most talented young actresses in Germany. The beautiful girl who born on 7 February 1996 in Costa Rica has won many awards. Moreover, the actual name of the actress is Rubi Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee. She earned recognition for her role as Sophie Kellermann in the children’s series Alone Against Time.

Ruby O fee
Ruby with her boyfriend Matthias

Later, she appeared in many movies like The Invisible-We want to live, The Resistance, Polar and As we are dreaming. Here, I am going to tell you about her life and career. However, to read complete details about her, click here.

Early life and career

Ruby who born in Costa Rica grew up in Brazil as a child. She lived in Brazil with her German Mother French Stepfather. However, in 2008, she moved to Berlin, Germany. Ruby came into limelight when she appeared in Against the Time in 2010. Her performance force the producers to sign her again fro the second season as well. Hence she got the attention of film-makers and appeared in her first film Womb alongside Eva Green and Matt Smith. In a feature film Dandelion – The movie adventure, she got her first lead role as Laila.

In 2012, she played Angeletta in the filming of a children’s book The Black Brothers against Moritz Bleibtreu. Later she appeared in Lotta & good future playing a girl who had lovesickness. After that, she played suspect Sarah in the crime scene episode Happy Birthday, Sarah. Her career proceeded with signing further films. Also, she played a leading lady role in The Secret of Midwife in 2016. Her latest film in 2020 is Lindenberg! Do your thing.

Personal Life and Awards

Ruby has won many awards for her brilliant performances on the screen. In 2014, she won a Jupiter Award and Golden Sparrow Award for Happy Birthday, Sarah and The Black Brothers respectively. While in 2016, she also won the Immenhof Film Award in the category of best actress.

Moreover, Ruby O Fee is dating fellow actor Matthias Schweighöfer since 2019.

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Ruby O Fee
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Ruby O Fee
Ruby O Fee is a young Talented award winning German actress. The 26 years old Ruby has appeared many films like Polar, Womb, Happy Birthday, Sarah.Ruby O fee
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