Samsung Internet For Private Browsing on Oculus GO

What is the Samsung Internet?

Are you in search of a browser that can offer you safe and private browsing? If it is yes then you are at the right place to find out such a browser. Samsung Internet browser is a solution for you. Moreover, on Oculus Go it offers you a virtual reality large display like a wall. Also, the Samsung Web browser’s ads lock feature prevents you from unnecessary content. It has an option of secret mode which offers you immersive browsing privately. You also can browse your own USB storage files as well as changing the background of your choice.


The basic and necessary details about Samsung Internet are as under.

  • Genre: Productivity, Utility
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 229.9 MB
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co.
  • Download: The link to download the Samsung Browser is at the end of this post.

Features of Samsung Internet Browser

Using this internet you can browse on a big screen like you are in a theatre. Furthermore, the following are the major features of this amazing browser.

  • Secret Mode: It enables the users to browse in a more private manner with a PIN code protection.
  • Adblock: This feature of the browser blocks all unnecessary content from your web page.
  • Video Recommendation: The browser also recommends you the related videos you previously have watched.
  • Trending Content: It also shows you the trending content of the day to give you easy access.
  • Separate Video history: Samsung Internet Explore maintains a separate video history so that you can revisit it.

Apart from these, this amazing browser has many exciting features but you will have to use Oculus Go VR Gears to use this.

Samsung Internet Oculus Go
The browser offers you to have an experience like browsing in a theatre

Where to get Oculus Go VR

As this VR Internet can be used with Oculus Go VR Gears. Therefore, you will have to buy these. So, to buy these gears, click here and get awesome gadgets.

Link to download Samsung Internet

The downloading this super amazing internet is very simple. You can download it from the app store of your android devices. However, in case of any hindrance, click this link to download it.

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Samsung Internet
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Samsung Internet on oculus go offers you secure and private browsing. Samsung internet for gear VR gives you an experience of browsing in theatre. Samsung web browser
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