Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Sharjah Museum is located in Sharjah, UAE since 1996. However, The United Arab Emirates named this museum of Islamic Civilization in 2008. The museum has 5000 artifacts from the Islamic world. These artifacts include scientific instruments, metalwork, calligraphy, carving & coins, etc. The museum is combination of science and artwork.

Location of the Museum

This Sharjah art museum is on Corniche Street in the Al Majarrah area. It is very visible from far. Because its building is humongous. Moreover, it has a very unique golden dome. The museum is situated in the historical center of Sharjah on the Majarrah Waterfront. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad inaugurated this in 2008.

Sharjah Museum
This art and discovery museum has it’s unique golden dome

What is in the Sharjah Museum?

The museum shows 5000 Islamic artifacts. The UAE government collected these artifacts globally. There are seven thematic galleries to display the objects. However, six of them have permanent exhibitions. Know more here.

Abu Bakar gallery of Islamic Faith

There is a gallery in the museum named as Abu Bakar gallery of Islamic Faith. This gallery has one unique thing. It has a copy of the Holy Quran of the 3rd Caliph. Moreover, the 3rd Caliph Usman bin Affan (R.A) was the ruler of Muslims from 644-656 AD. It clearly shows the Historic nature of this museum. Moreover, this gallery also has Kiswa, the early cover of the Kaaba.

The Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology

This gallery displays Islamic scientific advancements. Moreover, it has also complex early clocks. while navigational aids and weapons are also there. Moreover, Ibn Al-Haytham is known as an authority in Physics.

Art Gallery

It is an Islamic museum. However, it has an art gallery too. Which displays modest fashion & art. Moreover, its 7th gallery is a temporary exhibition. It displays objects temporarily.

Facilities in the Sharjah museum

The museum has many facilities. It has a prayer room. However, there is a cafeteria too. Wheelchairs are also there. It has restrooms and parking too.

So, you must visit this museum. You will love it surely. Know more about UAE.