Space Time-Have a Strange And Beautiful Space Tour

What about Space-Time?

Would you like to have a space tour? Or do you want to explore the universe? Surely, nobody can refuse such an exciting opportunity if he has. And yes, I am here with an offer for you to travel in space, explore the beautiful planets, and check out the mind-blowing creatures in the space. Are you ready? Yes? Space-Time a virtual reality game on Oculus Go is there which can lead to a universe exploration. The game is an absolute gift for space lovers or science students.

Details of the game

To explore astrophysics and the nature of reality, the following details you should keep in mind.

  • Genre: Educational, Space/Universe
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 754.8 MB
  • Developer: Kornhaber Brown
  • Download: Read the article till the end to get the download link.

The gameplay of Space-Time

The game is not just a game but it is a source of space education. The students can find answers to their many questions while playing it on Oculus Go. Once you enter the virtual world, it will take you to some of the strangest and the most beautiful places in the beautiful space. You will experience moon exploration, space flow and curves, and speed of light. To be very honest, it is one of the best space exploration games as well as an educational activity for the kids. It would seem like you are watching NASA videos on the space.

Space time oculus go
Explore the beautiful planets in space

How to buy the best quality Oculus Go Controller?

If this game has urged you to experience a space tour then definitely you will need Oculus Go Controller. Therefore, to buy one of the best quality Oculus Go Controllers, use this link.

Download Space-Time

Since you have all the essential ingredients, now you are ready for the real action. Just click here, download this amazing game, and enjoy traveling in space.

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Space Time
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Space Time
Space Time Oculus Go Game offers you to have a space tour and explore the universe. You can also check beautiful space, moon exploration, beautiful planets
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