Stockholm Palace Sweden the Biggest Attraction

What is Stockholm Palace?

Stockholm Palace Sweden is, in fact, the Royal Palace of Sweden. Moreover, it is the official residency of His Highness the King of Sweden. It is another masterpiece of construction, interior designing and architect. If we say it that the palace is a museum, definitely we would not be wrong. Moreover, the palace represents the Italian Baroque style of the 18th century. The palace has been constructed on the same place where the palace of Tre Kronor was burnt. There you can see the splendid interior design of the 18th and 19th century. Moreover, King Palace Stockholm is accessible for public and tourists. So, whenever you get a chance must visit this incredible palace and experience history. Here, I am telling you brief details about the Stockholm Palace. However, For further details, you may visit here.

sweden palace
One of the biggest palaces in Europe is in Sweden

Brief History of the Palace

Swedish Palace Stockholm stands tall in the list of the biggest palaces in Europe. The dimension of the King suite is 230×125 meters (230 metres long and 125 metres wide). The architect and designer of this amazing Sweden Palace are Nicodemus Tessin. Moreover, it is the oldest castle which is still in serving condition. The history of the palace belongs to the 10th century when during archaeological excavation, they found the remnants of a palace. However, the construction of the existing palace completed in 1760. Presently, it is serving as a workspace for the Royal members and many offices. Moreover, it also houses the offices of the Royal Sweden Court.

What to see in Sweden Palace?

This incredible suite has 1430 rooms and 600 windows. There are a lot of things to visit the beautiful castle. However, here I am telling about the essential things you should never miss while visiting the palace.

  • Gustav III’s Antiquities Museum, Livrustkammaren and the Tre Kronor Museums
  • Royal Apartments
  • The Royal Armory
  • Hall of state
  • Royal Costumes
  • The Treasury
  • Royal Library and archive
  • Change and parade of the Royal Guards
  • The Royal Chapel (15 May to 13 September only)

Entry Fee to visit Stockholm palace Sweden

The entry in the Royal Palace is not free. You will have to pay a fee to visit. However, there is a different fee for adults and children. In this time, the fee is as following,

      • Adults                                        160 SEK
      • Children (7-17 Years old)            80 SEK

Moreover, the fee may vary in the season. Therefore, always get the latest updates before visiting.

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stockholm palace sweden
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