Henry-Have 360 Experience of Narration By Elijah Wood

Henry Oculus Go

What about Henry?

Before starting the article, let me ask a couple of questions. Have you ever come across a situation when you need someone to be with you? Or Have you ever spent a specific event without your loved one? Though it seems odd, yet it is a harsh reality of our society. Either you have experienced it in real life or not, but Henry, a game on the Oculus Go, can give you that experience. The game is also a short movie type, and Elijah Wood has narrated an enjoyable and sad experience of a hedgehog who spends his birthday alone.


The details about the game, you should know, are the following.

  • Genre: 360 Experience
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 1.30 GB
  • Developer: Oculus
  • Download: If you want to download this game, then find the link at the end of this post.

The gameplay of Henry, A Toy story

This a little bit sad and emotional story that can make you sentimental. However, the gameplay, narration, and graphics of the game are amazing. Once you become a part of the game using the Oculus Go VR Gears, you find a hedgehog who is celebrating his birthday. But the painful thing is that he is alone and no one is there with him to be part of his celebrations. This realization makes him very sad, and he wishes that everything may change rapidly. It will be a great VR experience if you play this game.

Henry VR Ouclus Go
Experience a painful birthday celebrations

How to grab good quality Oculus Go VR Gears

Well, to go through all this experience, you will have to have the Oculus Go VR Gears. To purchase a good quality Oculus Go VR gears, click here.

Download Henry VR game

To download the for your PC or laptop, click this link. However, you can also download it from the Google Play store or ios app store of your smartphones.

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