How To Increase Page Ranking of A Website?

Page Ranking

What is page ranking?

Page ranking is one of the most important factors of Search Engine Optimization. The ultimate goal of any SEO is to get first place on Goggle’s SERP. However, search engines like Google have their own algorithm to determine the ranking of a page. In other words, the term used for this is PR (Page Rank) which is on the name of Larry Page. He was one of the founding members of Google. Moreover, Google determines it by counting the number and quality of links to the page.


How to check the ranking of a website?

Well, we also say it Alexa website ranking. But the question is how you can check it if you don’t know before. There are a lot of tools like SEMRush that allows you i. e. keyword rank checker, check page rank, as well as SERP rank checker. So, you can use any of these and know about the ranking. Hence you will be able to form an SEO strategy.

Can SEMRush help to improve page ranking?

The answer to this question is a big yes. SEMRush is a comprehensive tool with amazing features that can enable you to act upon things for better page rank. Moreover, as mentioned above, Google determines page rank through the number of links. So, you can use SEMRush tools like backlink checker that fetches you all the details about backlinks. Hence you can improve your link building getting quality links. Moreover, you can also assess your competitor analysis to further strengthen your SEO.

Why should you sign up for SEMRush?

You should sign up for SEMRush because it offers you a variety of tools for SEO. Moreover, once you sign up, it gives you the training by sending you ebooks. Also, you can choose an option for video tutorial by joining SEMRush academy. Apart from this, you can find many corporate users of these amazing tools that are happy with its results.

Are these tools free?

Well, to use advanced features and for a lot more suggestions for a longer run, you go for its premium subscription. However, you can avail a 7 day free trial of it as well.