How to Get A Free SEO Audit Report Of Website?

Free seo audit report

What is an SEO audit of a website?

The ranking of a site on a search engine depends on a lot of SEO factors. These factors can affect the visibility of the website in SERP and eventually decrease the overall ranking. Sometimes you think everything is fine but still, the website is not doing well then you need to get an SEO audit report of your website. Thi report will indicate and highlight all the issues you need to fix.


Factors to focus on while auditing website

Though during an SEO audit you will find out all errors and issues yet here are the following factors you need to focus on more.

  • Technical SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Optimized URL structure
  • Overall website performance
  • Site user experience

These are the major factors, however, further in Technical SEO, you should check about Title, headings, Meta tags, and meta description as well. Once you will fix all the SEO issues, your site ranking will start increasing.

How can I get an SEO Audit report of my website?

Well, now you are thinking to audit your own website or for a customer. Then what to do? How can I do? You can perform an audit either by using a tool or through a manual process. However, the manual process is hectic and will take a lot of time. Therefore, the best way is to use a tool. Which is the best tool for an SEO audit? The answer is SEMRush because it is a complete solution and package for a website. It does not only let you find out errors but also enables you to check competitor analysis as well as get the backlink report.

Is SEMRus the best SEO audit tool?

My answer without any second thought is yes. Because I have personally used this tool and have found the best ever SEO tool. I have got exactly what I was looking for. It fetches you the complete analysis of your site and indicates every little issue that may hinder your site from ranking higher on Google. Also, there are countless corporate users getting the best results and are relying on this amazing tool.

Moreover, for the first 7 days, it is totally free to use and after that, you need to buy this. So, you are going to buy SEMRush then click here.