blue eye albania legend

blue eye albania

I tell you blue eye albania legend …

blue eye albania legend says about an engineer named the spring, as it reminded him of his lover’s blue eyes. . .

blue eye albania

How was the magical Blue Eye Spring created?

According to legend, a windy storm arrived in Saranda. During the storm, an enormous snake came out of the water. The snake slithered towards Vrisi in Delvina, where it ate a group of women and children, who were collecting water. The snake continued on to the Sopoti Mountain where it ate two shepherds along with their sheep and goats.

The legend says that a brave old man took a donkey to the cave where the snake was hiding. The old man put straw on the back of the donkey and set it on fire. When the snake ate the donkey it burned the snake’s body from inside. The snake crossed the mountain and left a trace. The snake’s big eye fell in the place where the Blue Eye is today.

It is said the giant snake’s blue eye continues to cry until today…

Blue eye saranda albania tour:

The easiest way how to visit this place is from the summer town of Saranda.

What is albania syri i kalter?

Syri i Kalter is another name for Blue Eye. So. yes if you will try to find this place maybe it is better to say both names blue eye and also Syri i Kalter.

Excursions, Tour, Swimming and many more!

Blue eye ksamil tours allow you to visit this place. Temperature for swimming is there cold because of that swimming there is prohibited via signs. But it doesn’t really prevent people from jumping right into the ice-cold water.

Albania the blue eye video:


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