How To Get Visa Crypto Card To Pay With Crypto?

visa crypto cards

What is a visa crypto card?

One of the huge obstacles in the popularity of currency crypto was its difficulty for retail spending. However, it has now been streamlined and it has become much easier than ever to spend your digital assets for routine shopping. With the advent of visa crypto cards now you will able to spend your crypto coins on over 360 million merchants worldwide. Moreover, the numbers are growing day by day and now we have also seen Binance cards and Coinbase cards as well.

Crypto CardHow does a crypto card work?

You can use your crypto card at any ATM or payment point that supports a visa. When you enter your card into the machine it will convert your digital money into the fiat currency of your choice. Eventually, you will be able to withdraw cash or make crypto payments. In other words, it works similarly to a commercial bank debit card. However, crypto cards have much lower fees than regular commercial banks.

Can I get a crypto visa card?

Well, if you have cryptocurrency in your Crypto wallet at any of the crypto exchanges then you can get a crypto card. Simply, click on and create your account there. Once you have done with the account creation, you can attach your wallet to this platform and apply for the card. Initially, you will be able to download a mobile application through which you can make your crypto payment. However, after a couple of weeks, you will also get your physical card as well.

The benefits of getting a card

Crypto debit/credit cards help you easily spend your digital assets. However, the other benefits are the following.

  • A $25 free reward upon registration
  • Spend crypto over 360 million merchants
  • Lowest transactions fee
  • Up to 8% cashback
  • Withdraw cash from any visa supported ATM

So, don’t wait, just sign up here to get your crypto card and enjoy spending your crypto asset worldwide.

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