How to do Competitor Keyword Research?

SEMRush competitor keyword research

What is competitor keyword research?

In every niche or business, you will come across rivals. If you make a sports blog there will be many others working on the same niche. However, who make better strategy, do good On-Page and Off-Page SEO appears high on the search engine ranking. Therefore, knowing the strategy and keywords your competitors are using is what we call competitor keyword research. If you can overcome your competitor’s strength then you can get a high site ranking.


Why should I do the competitor keyword analysis?

Well, the goal of every website and blog owner is to appear on top of the google first page. Some of them may grab the top spot while doing some great search engine optimization. While you can also displace them by doing greater work than them. It could be only possible if you know competitor analysis. Eventually, you will revise your strategy and perform better.

How can I get competitor information?

Yes, this is the original question you are looking for the answer to. How can I know my competitor stats? Well, you will have to use any SEO tools for the purpose. Now the other question is which is the best tool? The short and straight answer is SEMRush SEO tools. This tool can get you the complete and perfect competitor report depicting all stats. Moreover, you can get the backlink report as well that from which site your counterpart is getting backlinks.

Is SEMRush the best tool for competitor keyword analysis?

Without having any doubt I would say yes SEMRush is the best tool for getting your competitor’s information. So, it can help you to get a high website keyword ranking. Moreover, it is a complete solution to your SEO needs. It also sends you an ebook upon sign up as well as offers you an opportunity to join the SEMRush Academy for video tutorials. There are many satisfied giant corporate users as well who are getting their desired results.

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