How To Do Competitor Keyword Analysis For Free?

Free competitor keyword analysis

What about competitor keyword analysis?

We are living in a world of competition. Moreover, technology has developed so much that online businesses have a lot of competitors. It is also worth mentioning that competitions make one stronger and innovative. So, they try every day new things to beat their competitors. However, it is a big challenge to know about market competition. But hold on! SEMRush is there to do competitor keyword analysis.


Why do I need competitor analysis?

You can’t surpass your rivals or capture the market if you don’t know the strategy of your competitors. In a physical business, you need to visit the market and collect the data. However, in the online field, it is different. You can beat your competitors only if you rank higher in SERP. A higher site ranking means you are getting more organic traffic. Eventually, high traffic can get you more sales.

How can I get competitor information?

Well, as I have earlier mentioned, online business competitors have a different method to get information. You will have to use some SEO tools that can fetch you the results. However, there are a lot of tools then which is a trusted one. So, the sweet and simple answer is SEMRush SEO tools. You can get all competitors insights with the SEMRush competitor report tool. Besides, it also fetches you the backlink report of your rivals. So, you can fix all your SEO issues as well as can design your strategy.

Why am I preferring only SEMRush?

There are a lot of reasons behind it that I am preferring SEMRush over other tools. First of all, SEMRush guides you through every aspect of SEO by sending an ebook as you register for it. Further, it offers you to join the SEMRush academy for video tutorials if ebooks are not your favorite material. Apart from this, there are many satisfied users who are getting their desired results.

Can I get SEMRush for free?

The answer to this question is yes as well as no. You can use it for free for a 7-day trial. However, after that, you need to get premier membership.