Crypto Fortnite The Other Name of Lightnite Game

Lightnite-The crypto fortnite game

What is Crypto Fortnite?

We are hearing about cryptocurrencies everywhere these days. Either we are on social media, or mainstream media, crypto fever is high. Moreover, it is not wrong because we have witnessed a dramatic rise in their prices. Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached their all-time high price after an increase of 1000%. Also, now these currencies are being used in routine life to streamline their usage. After Crypto Tourism now we are seeing crypto games also that enable you to earn Bitcoin while playing the game. The Lightnite game is one of the examples whose other name is Crypto Fortnite.

Crypto Fortnite- LightniteHow to start playing Lightnite?

First of all, you need to register yourself with Lightnite by clicking here. Once you have registered and become a verified user then start playing this battle royale game. While every digital interaction during the game can fetch you a monetary reward in the form of Bitcoin. In other words, when you shoot the opponent player you will earn Bitcoin and when the opponent player will shoot you eventually you will lose bitcoin. It is also to mention that this game is for everyone and non-bitcoin users can also play this game.

How can we get Bitcoin in Lightnite?

Though you can earn crypto BTC after shooting the opponents yet there are other ways too. The following are the other ways to collect BTC.

  • Items in the game are worth real bitcoin. These items can be picked from the ground when dead players left them
  • The game allows users to purchase in-game items in exchange for Bitcoin
  • The BTC balance, you receive after killing your opponent, can be withdrawn and transferred to your wallet instantly.

The technology behind Crypto Fortnite Lightnite?

The Satoshis Games have developed this game and are using the Lightning Network to enable microtransactions within the game. The only at the user end is to download the wallet that will support Lightning Network to process the transactions. Apart from this, Lightnite is available on all the platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. So, start playing this right from here and earn Bitcoin.

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