How To Get Into Staking Crypto To Earn Profit?

Defi crypto staking

What is staking crypto?

The crypto market has experienced a massive boom over a year. Many giants are investing in cryptocurrencies and eventually crypto prices are going to the sky. Just Bitcoin as a digital asset has crossed $1 trillion. So, this huge growth in crypto has fueled the decentralized financial services system. Now people can earn interest in crypto Defi. Similarly, staking crypto is locking crypto for a certain time and earning interest in it in the form of that coin. Just like mining, it is another way of earning cryptocurrency.

Defi staking with CelsiusHow can I stake cryptocurrency?

Well, a lot of crypto exchanges are providing the services of Defi crypto coin. Either it is Binance or Coinbase you can stake to make profits. However, the best platform for Defi staking is Celsius Network. It provides you with each and everything you need to stake crypto. Moreover, using this platform you can get the highest profit rate as well as all other decentralized financial services. You can lend crypto or borrow at the best rate. For example, at the moment you can borrow at 1% APR using your crypto digital asset.

How to use Celsius Network for Defi staking?

Instead of keeping your asset idle i.e, they are not yielding profit use them for staking. As Celsius is the best platform for this purpose, follow the following steps.

  • Register yourself on Celsius Network by clicking here and verify all your credentials such as identity.
  • After creating an account, buy cryptocurrency or transfer from any other exchange
  • Transfer your crypto asset in Celsius wallet and further transfer them to crypto bank wallet to gain profits

You can also download Celsius mobile application to use it on your smartphones.

Why should I prefer Celsius Network for staking crypto?

There are multiple reasons which make Celsius one of the best platform for Defi crypto. Some of those are the following.

  • A free $10 reward upon sign up
  • Gives you 40+ collateral options
  • No credit checks
  • No involvement of an intermediary
  • No origination fees
  • Lowest industry rates on borrowing

Then what are you looking for? Just sign up on Celsius, put your crypto on work and start earning profit.

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