Crypto Gaming And Earning Free Coin While Playing

Crypto games to earn

What about crypto gaming?

Video games are very popular among people, especially in youth. While the addition of crypto and blockchain technology has further fueled this industry. So, crypto gaming is enjoying great popularity and success. However, the question is what are crypto games? Well, the games that use crypto for in-game items as well as reward cryptocurrency. Many games provide you an opportunity to earn free tokens and coins while demonstrating your gaming skills. However, if you are a newbie then must join a crypto community to learn about crypto as well as games.

play crypto games to earnHow can I earn cryptocurrency through games?

Most of such games are based on the Ethereum blockchain. So, they use Ether for in-game purchasing as well as to give rewards. However, there are also crypto mining games that offer Bitcoin. When you start playing these games and win a stage, challenge, or kill your opponent, you will get a reward in the form of tokens. Moreover, in some games, the asset and items of your opponents can also fetch you reward. Hence, if you love games then these games are a great opportunity for you to win free cryptocurrency.

What are the best games to earn crypto?

There will be many games that may offer crypto as a reward. However, I am going to tell you about the two best games that can be really lethal to earn free cryptocurrency. The following are the games.

God Unchained uses Ether so you can earn Ethereum by playing this game. While Lightnite is an alternative to Fortnite and by playing this you can earn Bitcoin.

How can I use crypto earned through games?

When you have earned crypto while playing games you can use them for in-game purchases. If you have earned by playing Lightnite then using their Lightning Network, you can withdraw it. Similarly, you can also transfer that crypto to your wallets. Hence if you love to play video games then show your skill and earn ether and Bitcoin.

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