Check DA With The Best Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker

What is domain authority?

If you are an SEO then you may be well familiar with the term domain authority. It is a score from 1-100 based on which the site ranks in the search engine like Google. Though this factor is developed and calculated by Moz yet an authentic SEO tool like SEMRush can also check domain score for you. Moreover, SEMRush is one of the most trusted and authentic domain authority checker.


Why should we know the domain score?

The knowledge about the domain score of your website can help you in the SERP ranking. This score varies from 1 to 100. 1 being the worst while 100 being the best. Moreover, DA score over 60 is considered to be excellent. So, if the score is higher then there are more chances to rank in less time. Therefore, you must know about the score of your site as well as purchasing an expired domain. However, this authority can be checked by the tool and SEMRush is one of the best tools.

Which is the best domain authority checker tool?

Well, the authority of a domain is checked by a tool and specific tools like Moz are there. However, SEMRush calculates the DA score after checking its backlinks. Because if a domain has powerful and quality backlinks then that domain would have a higher DA. As a result, will get a higher ranking in the search engine.

Why SEMRush is one of the best tools?

To be very honest SEMRush is not just a tool but a source of learning as well. It gives you also the information and solution about international SEO as well as local SEO. Moreover, when you sign up for it, it sends you ebooks to guide you each and everything. Also, there is an academy program for you to join if you don’t like ebooks. In this way, you can use the tools effectively and can analyze your competitors also.

Is SEMRush is totally free?

This is one of the most important questions. SEMRush is not totally free, for the first time, you can get results free but later you will have to go for a paid subscription. But believe me, the paid membership is more worth than what you will spend.