Chain Games Crypto-Play To Earn Crypto

Play crypto games to earn crypto

What about chain games crypto?

Cryptocurrency is like a hot potato since March 2020. Because we have witnessed a huge price surge of almost all cryptocurrencies. Just Bitcoin went over $60,000K in March 2021 from $5K in the same month last year. So, you can well imagine how the crypto market has grown up. While we still are seeing that crypto prices are going up and up. During all this crypto dominant era, crypto games are also becoming very popular. Some games can earn you free cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Lets, explore those chain games crypto.

play crypto games to earnWhich are the best games to earn crypto?

Well, there might be many games that offer free crypto as rewards. Here I am going to tell you the most popular and famous games of the crypto gaming industry that can allow you to earn free currency crypto. Those games are the following.

Lightnite is similar to Fortnite and it earns Bitcoin for you. While God’s unchained is for earning Ethereum as a reward.

How to earn free crypto by playing games?

Can I earn crypto by just playing games? Yes, you can. When you start playing the above-mentioned games, after each task, level, or challenge completion you can earn crypto as a reward. For example, when you play Lightnite and during the gameplay, you kill your opponent. You will earn Bitcoin as a reward. Moreover, the items they leave also have value and enables you to use them for in-game purchase. That’s why we call it crypto Fortnite as well.

How can I use free earned crypto through games?

The crypto you earn by playing games enables you to purchase items during the gameplay. Moreover, Lightnite enables you to withdraw your reward as cash through their Lightning Network. Apart from this, you can send that cryptocurrency to your wallet. Therefore, if you are a skillful gamer then play these popular video games and earn crypto as well.

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