How To Improve Google Keyword Ranking?

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What is Google Keyword Ranking?

When an internet user searches for something by typing a phrase in the Google search bar then the order in which Google lists the website is Google keyword ranking. In other words, we can say it is the position of your website as well as of that particular keyword. For example, someone searches for something that is relevant to what your website offers. Then if Google shows your website number 1 then this is your keyword search ranking. While if it shows on number 11 in SERP then it means your website keyword is ranking on the second page.


What is the importance of search engine ranking?

Well, we can say if you are running a blog or a website then if it is on the first page of Google against your relevant keywords then it is good. But if it is on the second page then you are getting nothing out of it. Because most of the internet users hardly visit the second page of Google. So, a high ranking is necessary to get more organic traffic and eventually to increase sales.

How to increase keyword ranking?

The ranking of your targeted keywords can be increased with some good SEO i. e On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. But how to do such a good search engine optimization that will boost your site ranking. Well, SEMRush SEO tools are the perfect solutions for your website. It is a tool that can help you to boost your site from every aspect. SEMRush can help you to choose the best keywords that have low competition. Also, it can point out all your website issues through an SEO audit.

What else SEMRush can do?

SEMRush SEO tools offer you everything that you may need to rank a website on Google. It helps you right from the start by sending you an ebook containing the tutorial when you sign up for this tool. Also, it offers you to join SEMRush Academy for a video guide if the ebooks are not your favorite material. You can get the traffic report of your site, competitor’s analysis to revise your strategy, and backlink reports.

Apart from this, there is a large community using SEMRush and is getting pleasant results. SEMRush offers you free usage for 7 days, however, after then you need to buy it to unlock more features.