How To Do Search Engine Rank Tracking?

Search Engine Rank Tracking

What is search engine rank tracking?

Do you have a website? what is its ranking? Do you know or not? Well, this could be tricky. If you are not on the top spot on SERP then where are you standing? So, search engine rank tracking keeps you updated about your website keyword ranking. But the question is how you can check or track your ranking? Well, I have come here with a solution for you. You can use the SEMRush SERP Rank Checker tool to know your ranking.


Is rank tracking necessary?

The answer to this question is yes. Moreover, it is a must to know about your website ranking. Because when you will know about the current position then you can form your SEO strategy accordingly. As the ultimate goal of everyone is to rank on the first page and on the number one spot. So, you will have to keep an eye on the updates to take steps further.

How SEMRush can track ranking?

SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools that can help you to track ranking as well as improving ranking. Moreover, it fetches you all the stats and current position of your site. Also, it enables you to know about the errors and issues regarding SEO. So, fixing all those issues, your website may get a higher position. Moreover, it also gives you competitors analysis and backlink checking. These pieces of information may help you a lot to rank your site.

Is SEMRush the best rank tracking tool?

To be fair, it is the best tool. Because it is not just a tool but also keen to guide you. Moreover, it offers you 7 days free trial and as you sign up you receive an ebook. If you are not interested in ebooks then it also has an academy program for video tutorials. So, it fetches you the best information.

However, it is not totally free. Once you get free results for 7 days for all tools and then you will have to get a paid subscription.