How To Check Website Keyword Ranking For Free?

check website keyword ranking with SEMRush

What is website keyword ranking?

Are you running a blog or a website? If your answer is yes then you will be well aware of SEO content. It means when you publish content on your website you use some specific keywords. Now when website visitors search on the internet relevant to your keywords or the exact keywords and the number at which search engine shows your site is your website keyword ranking. Every website or blog owner has a goal to achieve the highest search engine ranking. So, you should always check your website keyword ranking to have a check on your SEO strategy.


Why should I track keyword ranking?

If you are investing money in a business but not getting any ROI (Return on investment) then what is the benefit of your investment. The same is the case with an online business or a website. If you are doing search engine optimization but not getting high site ranking on the SERP then your time and efforts are in vain. Therefore, you always need to track what you are doing and what results from you are getting. Hence you will be able to reshape your SEO strategy.

How can I check the Google ranking of my website?

Well, there are two ways to track your SERP ranking. Either you will track manually which is a lengthy and time-consuming option or use a site keyword checker. Now the next question comes into mind that which rank checker should I use. My answer and recommendation is the SEMRush rank tracker. It is a tool that tracks the traffic and ranking of your site with authenticity.

Is SEMRush an authentic rank tracking tool?

Without any second thought, I would say yes. SEMRush SEO tools are the most authentic tools that will fetch exact and perfect results for you. Using SEMRush you can track the keyword position in every region and country. So, you will get an idea in which country how good you are doing. Moreover, it also allows you to get the backlink report either your backlinks are powerful or not. I would say that SEMRush is the perfect solution to all your SEO needs.

It is also worth mentioning that SEMRush tools are free to use for the first 7 days after signing up. After that, you will have to get a paid subscription. You can buy the SEMRush form here.