How To Check Ranking With Free SERP Rank Checker?

SERP Rank Checker

What is SERP Ranking?

What are the SERP meanings? Have you any idea? If you don’t know then after going through this article you will be well aware of it. SERP Ranking or Search Engine Result Pages Ranking is the position of your keywords in results shown by Google or by other search engines. However, manually it is very hard to track your keywords. Therefore, you will have to use a trusted SERP rank checker tool like SEMRush.


Why I need a SERP Rank Checker?

If you have a website or blog then you need to know how your site is performing and where it stands? This could be possible only if you use a SERP Rank Checker. Moreover, it gives you all the information about your website keywords ranking. Also, it tells that in which country, which position holds your keywords. Such information will lead you to form a better SEO strategy.

Which is the best free Google SERP Tracker?

Well, possibly you will come across a lot of free and paid SERP tracking tools on the internet. However, all of them can not be authentic. But the SEMRush SERP tracker is there that will fetch you the best results. It will not just track your SERP but also helps you to improve the ranking.

Why I should use the SEMRush SERP Checker tool?

This is a valid question. You are right to think that why I am recommending the SEMRush? The reason is its reliability. It is not just a keyword rank tracker but also a training institute for you. At the start, it will give you access to ebooks to guide you about the tools. However, if you are not convenient with the ebooks then you can join the academy program to watch the video tutorials. Moreover, it helps you to analyze your competitors as well as provides you the best local SEO solution.

Is the SEMRush Keyword rank checker is totally free?

The first time you use, it will fetch you the genuine results for free, However, to enjoy the full and advance features, you will have to go for the Premium version.