Desert Camel Ride, A Thing Never to Miss on Dubai Tour

Desert Camel Ride

Desert camel ride is a thing you should never miss on a Dubai trip. This act will surely take you back in older and traditional Dubai. Five decades ago, when Dubai was not as it is today, camel riding was a royal act. Camel is an iconic animal of the desert also is famous as a plane of desert. Hence, whenever you plan to visit Dubai, keep camel riding with desert safari in your top priority.

How to go for desert camel ride

If you are in Dubai and want a camel ride in the desert as well as many other fun things then it is just a call away from you. You will have to just call for a desert safari or tell your hotel to arrange it. Desert safari vehicles will pick you from your hotel and will head to a vast desert. For more details, you may visit here.

Desert Camel Ride
Riding on the camel in the desert is an Arabic tradition

Timing for camel ride

There are two timings for desert safari and camel riding. Morning desert safari and evening desert safari. The evening ride is most famous as you will get a beautiful view of sunset in the desert. When the sun is about to set sand particles shine like pearls.

What else you can get

When you book a desert safari there are also other things you can get. In morning safari you get only camel ride and desert safari. While in the evening you can get a BBQ dinner in the middle of the desert. Moreover, you can also enjoy belly dance while having dinner. In the end, desert safari with a camel-ride is one of the most amazing experiences in Dubai.

Cost for Desert Safari and Camel riding

There are different prices for desert safari and camel ride. If you go in the morning it approximately costs you 50$. However, children up to 6 years old are free. And if you go in the evening and also book for dinner in the desert, then it will costs you a little higher. But you will always find it a worthy trip.

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