Which Is The Highest Selling NFT Of All Time?

highest selling nft of all time

Highest selling NFT of all time

NFTs are continuously growing in popularity throughout 2022. 2021 was the golden year for NFTs as the first time they were prominent in public as the first major application of Blockchain technology. 2021 saw a whopping NFT sale of $25 billion and many NFTs were sold worth millions of dollars. It is also worth mentioning that many famous celebrities are also indulging in this market and selling their artwork. Let’s explore what is the highest selling NFT of all time.

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What makes an NFT popular among people?

Well, the world’s most expensive and highest ever selling NFT so far is the Merge. It was priced at $91.8 million and almost 30,000 collectors were part of it. Why this is the most valuable NFT in the world? The following are the factors that make it expensive.

  1. The underlying value of the Merge as Beeple is a renowned artist
  2. Utility of the NFT
  3. Future value of the NFT
  4. Buyer’s perception

How to buy the best and highest selling NFT?

If you also want to indulge in the NFT world then must learn the basic and essential knowledge about NFTs. So, you will be able to choose a profitable NF. However, as a newbie, I would suggest you buy this NFT Limited. Because after buying this NF, you will not just be the owner of the NFT but also make part of the NFT Discord Server where you can learn a lot of valuable knowledge from experts as well as get NFT whales alerts.

What is the process of joining Discord room after buying NFT?

Once you are done with the NFT buying process, then follow the following steps.

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What is NFT & why people buy NFT

  • Now it will ask you to connect your wallet so your NFT ownership can be verified

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additional benefits of buying NFT Discord

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