The Rabbit Hole-The Greatest VR Puzzle Game

the rabbit hole game

What is Rabbit Hole?

Have you ever trapped in a place where you could not find a way to get out? I am sure it will not be a common incident. But here I am going to push you in such a strange situation. Rabbit Hole is one of the best puzzle games on Oculus Go that will test your mind. In the game, you find yourself in a dark, scary room, and by using your brain and solving the puzzle, you will have to find a way to come out.

Details about the horror puzzle game

The following are the essential details about the horror adventure game.

  • Genre: Adventure, Exploration, Horror, Puzzle
  • Language: English, Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain)
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 256.3 MB
  • Developer: VRMonkey
  • Download: The link is at the end of the article to download the game.

The gameplay of the Rabbit Hole

Well, the gameplay of this game is challenging as well as scary. When you start playing it, you find yourself in a dark room with no easy way to come out. In the dark, you come across scary shadows that can frighten you. However, you will have to hold your nerve and find a way to get out of this. There will are more than five puzzles, and each puzzle is harder than the previous one. But at the end of the day, you will have to solve because nobody will be there to help you out.

The Rabbit Hole Oculus Go
Come out from such a scary environment.

Where to order Oculus Go VR Gears?

Being an essential element of the game, you will have to get Oculus Go Vr Gears. For order and purchasing the VR Gears, click here.

Download the Rabbit Hole VR game

This fantastic virtual reality game is also available on the Google Play store. So, it will be very easy for android users. However, you can download it using this link as well.

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