Dreadhalls-Experience A Horror in Virtual Reality

dreadhalls VR game

What is Dreadhalls?

Have you ever traped in a lonely dark place with no one is there to help you? And you escape and come out of the place with your strategy and courage. I think you may have read this in novels and horror stories. However, you can feel all this horror and thrill while sitting in your bedroom or on the couch in your drawing-room. Really? Yes, you are reading it right. Dreadhalls is one of the most impressive and best horror games on Oculus Go to experience all this.

Details about the game

The basic and essential details about this horror game are as under.

  • Genre: Exploration, Horror
  • Language: English, French (France), German, Korean, Spanish (Mexico)
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller
  • Size: 481.5 MB
  • Developer: White Door Games
  • Download: Link available at the end of this article

The gameplay of one of the scariest games

Without any doubt, I can say that it is one of the scariest horror games. After wearing the Oculus Go headset, as you entered the virtual world you find yourself in a scary dungeon. Moreover, there is too dark to see anything and you face a lot of horror. There is no other weapon for you to survive or escape but your own courage and stealth. You will have to make a strategy and use your own mind to come out of this dungeon without the help of any other.

Dreadhalls Oculus Go VR game
In the game, you find in a scary dungeon like this

Acquisition of Oculus Go VR headsets

You may have learned about the gameplay of this VR horror game. Also, you will be well aware that this game requires Oculus Go VR headsets to step in the virtual world. Are you thinking where to buy these headsets? If yes, then just click on this link and get your amazing VR headsets.

How to download Dreadhalls?

Well, after collecting all the ingredients to play one of the best horror games, you need to download it. So, don’t worry about it’s downloading. If you are using android and ios devices then simply download it from the App Stores. However, to download for windows and PC, click here.

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