How To Do Keyword Rank Tracking For Free?

Free Keyword rank tracking

What is Keyword Rank Tracking?

When we have a blog or a business website, we assign keywords to every page or post. Actually we use these keywords against which Google shows SERP. Ultimately always our goal is to show our site on number one spot when some searches relevant to our site. However, in different countries, there is different website keyword ranking. But the question is how you can do keyword rank tracking? Well, the answer to your question is SEMRush.


Why should track keyword positions?

If you have a goal then you need to work hard to achieve it. Similarly, it is the case for your website search engine optimization. What is your targeted country? In which country you want to rank your keywords? So, you will have to keep these questions in mind while doing SEO. However, after a hectic work how you come to know that you are doing right. Therefore, you have to use a rank checker to know the position of your keywords. Thus you will be able to improve your OnPage SEO as well as Off-Page SEO.

How SEMRush monitor Keyword Ranking?

SEMRush SEO tools are among the best tools that can help you to rank your website higher. With the use of these tools, you can find the position of your keywords in various countries. So, you will be able to assess your progress as well as issues hurdling your site. Therefore, you can review your SEO and apply it again to improve search engine ranking.

Are SEMRush’s results are trusted?

The simple and sweet answer to this question is yes. Because SEMRush always fetches you the best and genuine results. Moreover, it teaches you as well with ebooks and video tutorials at SEMRush academy. Apart from this, you can get a traffic report, backlinks report, and competitors analysis too. These stats will help you a lot to increase ranking.

Is SEMRush free or paid?

It provides you a free trial for 7 days. However, after the expiry of the trial, you will have to get its paid membership.