How To Know About The Largest Crypto Exchanges?

largest crypto exchanges in USA

What about crypto exchanges?

Cryptocurrencies are not under a central bank. Instead, some exchanges allow peer-to-peer transactions without the involvement of any third party or middle man. For the past year, the users of these platforms have increased dramatically. The pandemic COVID-19 caused people to lose their jobs. So, they started looking for other ways to make money. Eventually, crypto trading became a very hot topic. We have witnessed that people have earned 1000% profit while investing in Bitcoin. Still, it is going very high and it is expected that till the end of this year Bitcoin price may reach $100K. So, here we are going to write about the two largest crypto exchanges.

BTC Binance tradingWhat are the best exchanges for crypto trading?

Well, currently in the world, 504 cryptocurrency platforms are operating there. However, there is a question. Are all these exchanges are good enough to start trading? Maybe yes maybe no. Though all such platforms do their best to facilitate users yet some of those lead the way. Similarly, the exchanges leading the crypto world are Binance and Coinbase. Both have a highly safe and secure structure with providing access to many cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, these both platforms have grabbed a huge junk of users. Only Binance has crossed a 100 million users barrier. While Coinbase has over 43 million users. So, you can well imagine how popular these exchanges are. Moreover, both offer you to trade almost all the major currencies within the platform.

How to use Binance and Coinbase

These both crypto trading platforms are very easy to use and provide you a variety of trading options. Moreover, you can also use the automatic trading option in which you set your specific price. Once the price of your digital currency touches that figure it will automatically be sold or bought. However, first of all, you will have to create your account on any of these exchanges. The following are the registration links.

Once you have done with creating your account while putting all your information as well as doing KYC, you will have to verify your mail address. When it is verified start trading on the most secure platforms.

Why should I use Binance or Coinbase crypto exchange?

You might be thinking why I am talking about just these two crypto trading platforms. Well, these are the most trustable with a range of trading options exchanges. Moreover, both are the world’s best-decentralized crypto exchanges. Apart from this, the following are the temptations to trade on these platforms.

  • Highly safe and secure
  • A $10 reward for signing up on Coinbase
  • Access and swapping options for almost all cryptocurrencies.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic trade options

Well, if you still need to know about these platforms you can ask any question in our private Facebook group.