The Best Broken Link Checker is SEMRush

SEMRush broken link checker

What are the broken links?

Broken links are those links that make an internet user, land on a page that no longer exists. In simple words, you own a website with a lot of pages, However, you have deleted one or more pages and there were links to those pages. But when someone clicks on these links he will see a 404 error or something like that. Eventually, these links will cost you to lose a lot of Google organic traffic as well as site ranking. You need to use a broken link checker to find out such links.


Causes of broken links

Well, we can also say that these are the links that do not work. While the following are the three major causes of such links.

  • Website is no longer available
  • A page of the website was deleted without redirecting it
  • Change in the URL structure

Further, links play an important role in website keyword ranking. Therefore, either you should update such links or remove them permanently to increase website visitors.

How to check dead links?

The best and authentic way to check broken links in a website is using a tool. Though you can check manually also yet it is time taking and a hectic process. The best tool to find out such links is SEMRush. It is an SEO tool that fetches you each and everything related to search engine optimization. Either it is a Website SEO audit or backlink report, you can get the best and authentic results.

Why SEMRush is the best-broken link checker?

Why  I am recommending SEMRush SEO tools? Is SEMRush really the best ever tool to check dead links? Well, you may be unsure but based on my personal experiences, this tool offers you everything you need to rank a website. Moreover, there are a lot of corporate users that are getting enough results in every walk of SEO. Apart from this, you can also get website traffic report as well as competitor analysis.

This is to also mention that SEMRush is not totally free. For the first 7 days, you can use it for free, however, after that, you will have to buy it. If you want to buy then click here.