Binance Visa Card-An Instant Crypto Payment Method

Binance visa crypto card

What about a Binance visa card?

The crypto market is rapidly taking over the commercial banking industry. Though there is still a long way to go yet we are seeing significant progress. The major hurdle for currency crypto was not being able to spend it for retail shopping. However, now this has also become possible with the issuance of crypto cards. The Binance exchange which is the world’s largest crypto exchange has also issued its Binance visa card for spending your digital assets.

Crypto CardWhich crypto card is the best one in the world?

As the cryptocurrency market is progressing, almost all the biggest crypto exchanges are issuing their crypto visa cards. Coinbase which is one of the best-decentralized crypto exchanges has also issued its Coinbase card. However, despite all these cards’ existence and effectiveness, my vote is in the favour of card. The features this card provides are simply amazing. While it is highly secure, safe, and acceptable at all visa-supported crypto payment points.

The benefits of having a crypto card like a Binance visa card

These cards enable you to spend your crypto coins for routine shopping similar to the ATM cards of any commercial bank. The following are the other benefits of having a cryptocurrency card.

  • No annual fees like a commercial bank ATM card
  • The lowest transactions fees
  • Up to 8% cashback
  • Spend crypto over 360 million merchants worldwide
  • Withdraw cash in the fiat currency of your choice from any visa supported machine
  • An easy way to make international payments

Who can get card?

You can get a visa card if you have an account on a crypto exchange and enough crypto balance in your crypto wallets. If you are a resident of the USA then you should have your account on Coinbase exchange. Click here to sign up for and download the card app. You can attach your wallet to the app to make payments. However, after 15 days, you will also get your physical card.

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