MU ORIGIN 2 – Get your gift code and download apk!

mu origin 2

What is MU?

For thousands of gamers in the world, the signature “MU” is synonymous for high-quality MMORPGs. In the 2000s, the online gaming scene was experimented with new concepts in their games. Everybody wants games like Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, and this concept in online gaming. So, there we are!  In other words, Mu 2 Origin was born!

This game is the most recent game in this universe. Released only a couple of months ago in March, it’s an MMORPG with all the features that we’ve expect from games in this genre. It’s an art style in 3D viewed from perspective. You can choose from a roster of 4 playable classes and travel the world completing missions, exploring dungeons, and create unique characters.

So, less talk, more watching!

Useful informations before download:

  • You can choose from Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf.
  • Play as The Mighty Warriors, The Wise Mages, The Agile Archers or The Mystic Diviners
  • Also, conquer dungeons
  • Join a Guild to solve quests together.
  • You can equip jewels into item slots to become your character stronger.
  • You can have a guardian pet that will attack your enemies.
  • This game also offers you a mount.
  • Also, PVP with arenas are supported here!

Where to get mu origin 2 gift code?

Mu origin promo code you can find on this website. They have currently in 2019 most active facebook page and website with promo gift codes

mu origin 2

Where to download mu origin 2 apk?

You can download this game on mu origin 2 webzen officially authorized apk website. or on the official mu2sea website. After that, you can also follow more articles about games on my website.

What about classic mu origin?

Yes is still here! you can be ready for the Full 3D MMORPG mobile experience!  So, meet new friends, create parties, and fight against evil in a vast open-world.