How to Do Off Page Optimization For Free?

off page optimization-SEMRush

What is off-page optimization?

Before proceeding further, let me ask you a couple of questions. Are you running a website or personal blog? If your answer is a positive nod then here is my next question. Is it having a high site ranking on SERP? Well, we all know organic search engine ranking highly depends on search engine optimization. SEO is an ocean itself and is further divided into On-Page SEO and Off-Page optimization. Though on-site optimization is also important yet off-site optimization has its own significance.


Why do I need to do Off-Page SEO?

Contrary to on-site SEO which we do on website pages and posts, off-Page SEO is what we do outside our main website to build its authority. Actually, Off-Page SEO gets votes for your site from other websites or social media sites to impact SERP ranking. This type of SEO includes link building, guest posting, influencer, and social media marketing, etc. The most authentic website gives you a vote, more organic traffic will come in your way.

How can I do off-site optimization?

Well, as I have mentioned earlier, Off-Page SEO has a lot of things to deal with. You will have to find a powerful site with high domain authority to get backlinks, guest posting, and other things. For all this, you will have to hire someone for SEO services. However, you can do all these activities using an amazingly simple tool i.e SEMRush. This tool offers you what someone needs for a complete SEO process.

Why should I use SEMRush for Off-Page optimization?

You may be curious why I am just referring to SEMRush SEO tools here. Well, you should. But I have personally used this tool and have achieved the most amazing result by running SEO campaigns. You can do all content optimization as well as auditing the backlinks. While competitor analysis can give you added benefits to revise your SEO strategy. This tool has each and everything that an SEO needs. While the best part is this tool is very simple to use. Upon sign up, it will send you an ebook as well as an option to join the SEMRush Academy for video tutorials.

This is also to mention that you get the first results for free using SEMRush. However, to explore it further you will have to buy it. If you wanna buy SEMRush then click here.