How To Do A Good OnPage SEO Of Your Website?

OnPage SEO of Website

What is OnPage SEO?

To rank websites organically on search engines we apply search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO is of two types, OnPage SEO (On-Site SEO) and Off-Page SEO. OnPage or On-Site SEO is that we practice on the pages and content of the website. In other words, it is fully done on the website. We optimize content either it is an article, images, audios, or videos. SO, we can improve our visibility in SERP.


Is OnPage Optimization is important?

Well, a short and sweet answer to this question is big yes. We can say that On-Site SEO is the backbone of a website. After the latest updates by search engines, OnPage SEO plays a vital role in page ranking. Moreover, expert SEOs have said that On-site SEO plays a 70% part in site ranking. Even you can bring a lot of website visitors without off-page SEO. So, we can say that the OnPage website SEO is the most powerful way to rank high on Google’s organic search results.

How can you do OnPage Webiste SEO?

Well, this type of SEO is to be done on your website pages and it includes a lot of factors. These factors include keyword research, content optimization, internal linking, Meta tags as well as Meta descriptions. However, the question is who you can determine all these? Don’t worry SEMRush SEO tools are there for you to help out through all processes.

How SEMRush can help?

Firstly, it will help you determine the existing SEO issue of your website. When you will perform an SEO audit using SEMRush, it will indicate all the errors. So, it will become a lot easier for you to fix those issues. Apart from this, it can help you to find the best keywords for you that can be of high search volume as well as low competitive. So, it will enable you to use such keywords with proper ratios. Moreover, it also helps you to track website keyword ranking.

Why do I claim SEMRush is the best one?

A valid question to ask why I am advocating SEMRush? The answer to this question is that I have personally used it. Moreover, not just me there are a lot of satisfied corporate users who have achieved fabulous results. Also, in the beginning, it trains you for all SEO activities by sending ebooks. If ebooks are not suitable for you then you can also join SEMRush academy for video tutorials.

Will you have to buy SEMRush?

For the first 7 days, it offers you a free trial version. After that, you will need to get paid membership. However, I am sure its results will make you go to buy it.