PUBG Lite, an Alternative to PUBG


PUBG is a well known and very famous game in the world. Its outreach is increasing day by day. But may people find it difficult to download and play it with mobile phones having low storage. PUBG Lite offers them the chance to enjoy this game also but with some limited features.

PUBG Mobile LITE is the alternative of PUBG for devices with less RAM and ROM


It is built with Unreal Engine 4 and is compatible with more devices. Unlike traditional PUBG this version offers to enjoy and play even with the devices having low specifications. To download this game click here.

Difference between PUBG and PUBG-L

This Lite version of PUBG is smaller in size as compared to PUBG. It is compatible with more devices with less RAM without compromising its style of play and amazing experience.

How many RAM/ROM required for PUBG-L

To download PUBG Mobile Lite you require 1 GB RAM and minimum storage it will capture is 500 MB. So it is very clear that you don’t need a 4 GM RAM device to download and play this game. Moreover, it also keeps the traditional style of play.

Can you play PUBG LITE with Friends online

This Lite version of PUBG is an independent game and yet it has not features to play with friends like PUBG. So, a single player can play this game.

Does it has IOS Version

This game is available only in android devices and Google Play store, it has not ios version to be downloaded.

Can you play PUBG and PUBG-L with same Account

PUBG and PUBG-L are two separate games and to play both these games you require separate accounts. So, If you have made an account on PUBGL and then want to play PUBG with the same account, it is not possible. You will have to make a different account on PUBG to play it.