How To Check Page Rank For Free

Check page rank

What about page rank?

It is jokingly said that being on the second page of Google SERP is as like as you have buried a dead body. Though it is just a joke, it is a harsh reality also. People hardly visit the second page of google. Moreover, they mostly get relevant information from the first page. Therefore, if you use the right SEO strategies then you can also rank on the search engine. But before this, you need to know your existing position. Do you know how to check page rank? If not then use SEMRush which is the best SERP rank checker.


Why do you need to check google page ranking?

Well, if you are not a new to online business then you will be well aware of the importance of page ranking. Actually, the page ranking depicts website keywords ranking because pages are searched through specific keywords. Therefore, if you know your ranking then you can work on the multiple factors to improve the ranking. However, if you do not know your ranking then you have no target to hit.

How to check page rank?

Can I check SERP ranking manually? No, I think it would be the best answer. However, you can use the tool like SEMRush SERP checker. This tools will serve you with the best results and all details about your site ranking. Moreover, this tool will tell you that in which country at which position you are standing. Thus you can formulate your SEO strategy accordingly to improve the ranking.

Why SEMRush is the best site rank checker?

SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools because of multiple aspects. Moreover, it not just tells you about the ranking but also fetches you the competitors analysis as well as backlink report. If you are in search of local SEO then it also provides you with the local SEO solution.

Apart from this, SEMRush gives you an ebook to read for its effective use. On the other hand, it also offers you an academy program to join to watch videos.

Is SEMRush is a free tool?

NO, the SEMRush is not a free tool, however, it offers you free result for the first time. To get the best out of it, you will have to go for the paid subscription.