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SEMRush google keyword position checker

What is Google keyword position?

In the modern era, almost all use the internet to search for various things. Ultimately the search engine we use for our queries is Google. Now when we search for something on Google as a result it shows some URLs. We call these results SERP also. So, the order in which Google shows is the result against the keyword you have searched for is what we call Google Keyword position. If your website is new then we use Google keyword position checker to find out site ranking.


Why should I track Google’s position?

Google is the world’s leading search engine. Almost everyone uses it to search for various queries. So, to get a high search engine ranking, you do organic search engine optimization to your site. If you do not track website keyword ranking then how you will come to know that you are doing the right things. Hence you should track your ranking and act accordingly so you can get Google organic traffic.

How can I check SERP ranking?

When you go for a manual process to check your Google position it may take a whole day of you. While there is also a second option that you can use a Google rank checker tool to find out your keyword position. However, the question is which tool should I use. Well, the clear answer is SEMRush. It is a tool that can help you to find out the exact ranking of your site. Also, it tells you in which country, your keyword is ranking on which position. Therefore, use this tool to track your position in no time.

Is SEMRush the best Google keyword position checker?

Absolutely yes, SEMRush SEO tools are one of a kind tool that fetches the most authentic results. I have personally used this tool to track my own site and have got genuine results. Moreover, it can also help you to improve your ranking as it offers you to do the best keyword research, backlinks audit, and get the traffic report. You can find your competitor’s analysis as well.

Moreover, SEMRush offers you an opportunity to use it for free for the first 7 days as a trial. After that, if you are satisfied then you can go for its premium subscription. If you want to get a paid subscription then click this link.