How to Get Site Bulk Analysis For Free?

SEMRush-Site Bulk Analysis

What about site analysis?

If a business website or blog is getting a lot of organic traffic and is appearing on Google’s first page then it is fine. However, if the situation is quite different and opposite to this then you need to analyze your site. You should point out the issues that are hindering your site to be on top of the SERP. This could only be possible if you get site bulk analysis using an authentic tool like SEMRush.


Why should I get the bulk analysis of a site?

Well, the ultimate goal of a blog owner is to rank higher on Google organic search results. But this could be achieved only if you have done a strong On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO. However, you are not getting the desired results even though you are confident about your search engine optimization strategies. That’s why you need to thoroughly analyze your site that where are you facing issues to get a high site ranking.

How can I analyze a site thoroughly?

If you are going to analyze a website then there are two ways. Either you will assess your site manually or will use a tool. However, if you choose a manual method then chances of errors and mistakes may exist. But, if you use an authentic tool then you can get a complete analysis of a site. But here is another question that which tool should I use. As I mentioned in the first paragraph that SEMRush is one of the most authentic tools to completely analyze a site.

Is SEMRush the best site analyzing tool?

No doubt, SEMRush SEO tools are the complete package and a perfect solution for your site to get a high SERP ranking. Moreover, I am favoring these tools because I have personally used and got what I was looking for. It is not just me but many giant corporate users are getting amazing results after using these tools. You can use the SEMRush SEO Audit tool to get a complete analysis of the site as well as issues. Hence you will be able to fix all SEO issues to rank on Google page one.

Initial results you can get free using SEMRush. But to use it further monthly paid subscription is needed. You can buy its premium subscription from here.