What Is The NFT Highest Selling Art?

nft highest selling art

NFT highest-selling art

NFTs first came into the market in 2014 but they were not so popular until 2021. In the last year, NFTs got real prominence as everyone was talking about them. That’s why NFT sales rise to $25 billion in a year and now this has become an industry worth $41 billion. There are many valuable NFTs that have gone for multi-million dollars. Let’s know in this article, which is the NFT highest-selling art.

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What is the highest-selling art NFT?

Well, many crypto punks have been sold for millions of dollars. A crypto punk that was worth just $456 in 2017 has now been sold for $171 million. But it is still not the highest value NFT. The highest-priced ever NFT is The Merge by Beeple. It was sold for $91.8 million and almost 30,000 collectors are part of it. No doubt, this is a humongous amount and by far the most expensive NFT ever in the market.

What NFT should I buy as a newbie?

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How to activate free Discord room access with NFT Limited?

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  • After that, you need to provide proof of your NFT ownership so you need to connect your wallet

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