How to Do Website Traffic Tracking For Free?

Website Traffic Tracking

What is website traffic tracking?

When you have established an online business with a website you do market it through SEO. Search engine optimization is the best way to get Google organic traffic as well as a high ranking on the SERP. So, you are getting traffic but here comes a question also. How are the visitors interacting with your site? How much time they are spending on your website. A lot more questions also arise. While finding the answers to all these questions is what we call website traffic tracking.


Why should I track web traffic?

Well, in this era, data and information are much important to analyze different things. When you track website visitors you come to know things i.e who has visited your website? How he has come to your site? For how much time he stayed there? And where he has clicked? While gathering all this data you can find out the trends and intentions of your visitors and then can focus on that area. Hence, it will help you a lot to generate high sales.

How can I analyze website traffic?

To analyze web traffic you will have to a good tool. Though Google Analytics is a standard tool to track traffic yet it is only for Google. Then what to do? Well, SEMRush SEO tools are there to give you a complete overview and detailed analytics of your website. Even it shows the website keyword ranking in various countries. It means you can check that in which country at which position your keyword is standing. All these stats can enable you to further revise your SEO strategy.

Why SEMRush is the best to do traffic tracking?

Yeah, you are right to think why I am just emphasizing SEMRush? The reason is that I have personally used many tools but I found in SEMRush exactly what I was looking for. Moreover, for the beginners, it sends you an ebook and offers to join the SEMRush academy to know how to use this tool. Apart from getting a traffic report, you can also get a backlink report as well as the competitor analysis.

The best about this tool is you can use it for free for the first 7 days. After that, you need to buy its premier subscription. So, if you are going to buy then click this link.