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What is estimating Google traffic?

Do you have a blog, affiliate website, or a business website? If yes then another question comes into mind. Do you know how much traffic will grab your specific keywords? Well, your answer might be yes or no, however, in this article, I am going to elaborate it further and fill find the answers to many other such questions. How can I estimate the traffic I can get from Google? Is there any tool? Yes, you are thinking right there is SEMRush, the best Google traffic estimator.


Importance of estimating traffic for a blog?

When you start a business, you always research the market and calculate the demand and supply of your niche items. If you sell an item that is not needed in a community then what will happen. The same is the case for a blog or a website. If you calculate and estimate the traffic for your particular keywords then it will become a lot easier for you to get high Google organic traffic. The more traffic means you will get a high site ranking.

How can I estimate Google traffic?

Well, this is the original question you will be looking for an answer to. You need to use a tool to find out the calculation and the SEMRush SEO tool is the best Google traffic estimator. It has plenty of tools that offer everything you need for your website keyword ranking. While using its Keyword Research Tool, you can find how much a specific phrase is being searched and getting traffic. Also, it tells you how tough and competitive this keyword will be to rank on Google.

Is SEMRush the best traffic estimator?

Without any second, there is yes from me. This is the best ever tool with a complete solution and package to get you a lot of traffic. Not only it estimates the traffic but also fetches you the competitor report as well as backlink report. Once your content is live, it also helps you to get traffic analysis for various regions and mediums.

So, I would say this is a perfect SEO tool for your website. Even it is free to use for the first 7 days. However, after that, you need to buy its premium subscription. You can also get SEMRush by clicking here.