How to Get Traffic Insights For Free Using SEMRush

Get traffic insights with SEMRush

What about traffic insights?

Our websites and blogs are nothing if they are not getting traffic. You may be well aware that there are two ways to get traffic either you get organic traffic after doing a strong search engine optimization or paid traffic after running an ad campaign. But the main goal is to get website visitors so you can increase SERP ranking. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your website traffic insights to assess whether your site is doing well or not.


Why should I track the traffic of my website?

Tracking traffic will enable you to find either your SEO or SEM strategy is working fine. If your site traffic is increasing then it means you are doing well and gradually your site will be on top of the SERP as well as showing on Google’s first page. Because more traffic will improve your domain authority and people will land directly on your site. So, you should always keep a check and balance that what you are doing to your site and what results from you are getting.

How can I get my website traffic report?

Well, there are several ways to track your traffic. If you are running an ad campaign then that tool’s dashboard will fetch you each stats. However, the main thing is how can we track organic traffic. For this purpose, you will have to use some authentic tools. Though there is a Google Analytics tool that can fetch you traffic stats. However, you can’t rely on it. The best and most authentic tool is SEMRush that can get you everything about traffic.

Is SEMRush the best tool to get traffic insights?

Yes, absolutely yes that is my answer to this question. SEMRush SEO tools can do each and everything related to SEO you want to do. It does not just track traffic but also can track the keyword position of your website in various regions and countries. Apart from this, it gives you many useful ideas to improve your website keyword ranking. You can use it for keyword research, backlink audit, complete SEO audit of your site, and a lot more things. Upon sign up, it also sends you an ebook as a guide. If you don’t like reading then you can also join the SEMRush Academy for video tutorials.

SEMRush fetches you the first results free. However, to use it for a longer period you will have to buy it. If you want to buy SEMRush then click this link.