Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Website

Increase Alexa ranking

What is Alexa Ranking?

There are billion of sites in the world. But where does your site stand? Do you know the ranking of your site? Well, there is a company that indicates the web information and that is Alexa. At which position Alexa website ranks your site that is your Alexa Ranking. The higher your site ranking is, the higher value your site has. Ideally, if your site is at a position of 1 million or below then the page ranking is very good. However, you can improve your ranking using SEMRush SEO tools.


How can I improve Google site rank?

Well, ranking on Alexa relies on two factors and these are website visitors and users engagement on the site. If your website has high traffic and low bounce rate i. e high user engagement then your site can get a high ranking. So, to get these factors organically, you need an excellent OnPage and Off-Page SEO. Therefore, SEMRush can be one of the best choices for you.

What SEMRush can do?

SEMRush can help you to strengthen your SEO. Firstly, you can perform an SEO audit of your site that will show you all the issues. Then you can make your strategy accordingly. Similarly, it allows you to find the best keywords that can get you more organic traffic easily. Also, it enables you to check the backlinks as well as your competitors analysis. So, you can get a clear idea of what your rivals are doing.

Why SEMRush is best for site ranking?

I rate SEMRush high among other tools because it trains you as well. You can get a complete idea of SEO and how to use SEMRush tools by reading its ebook you receive after sign up. Further, it also an option of video tutorials as well if ebooks are not your favourite material. For the purpose, you will have to join the SEMRush academy.

Can I get SEMRush free?

You can get it free for 7 days, however, after that, you will have to go for its premium membership to unlock its features further.