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Best website SEO audit tool

The best website SEO audit tool is for me, SEM Rush. This SEO website audit tool provides your first website SEO audit for free. Of course, you can request this audit on a weekly basis to your e-mail.

What is website audit in SEO

Maybe you ask how to do an SEO audit of your website. And it is right, nobody knows that at this time. So let’s check together how I SEO audit my website.

How to audit website for SEO

To SEO website audit you will need an SEO website audit tool. As I said before I’m using this SEM Rush audit tool. Is because this company spends a lot of time to teach people how to check full website SEO audit. For example, they have so many ebooks which SEM Rush offers you for free. But if you are not familiar with reading, there is also a way to join the academy program and learn this know-how from videos. After completing these tutorials you will know how to get a website SEO audit report, and also how to use it to improve your ranking in search engines.


SEO audit and website analysis

SEO audit of your website is really easy. As I mentioned website auditing to identify SEO problems should be solved quickly by placing your website to this page. For the best SEO audit website is necessary to make some fixes, which provide you this tool.

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And do you really want it? Yes, you can get a free website SEO audit report. But if you want really improve your search results you need to check it on a weekly basis. SEO isn’t one-time optimization, but following rules and application of changes. You need to check and fix issues on your website audit.

Why I recommend using SEM Rush as an SEO website audit tool

It is really simple, I’m using this tool for a while and I’m satisfied with results. SEO audit report or site audit is not the only factor that affects SEO on your website. Instead of doing an audit of the website for SEO planning, try to extend this strategy. This website audit tool should help you get a report of your SERP positions and also analyze your competitors.

So yes SEO website audit service should be useful but you need to focus also on other aspects of SEO. Don’t forget to check your backlinks and organic traffic. These tools should be really helpful for starting your career as an SEO blogger.

If you are not sure if SEM Rush is for you and if you can trust me, there are also so many case studies with positive references from big corporates.

So don’t waste your expensive time by free website SEO audit checker and think about the future of your project! 🙂