Skydive Dubai Location and The Beautiful Palm Valley

Whenever you visit Dubai, you should never miss out skydive there. Even the Skydive Dubai location is the place worth to visit. One location for skydiving is in the middle of the desert while the other is near Palm beach. But most visitors prefer palm beach for skydiving. Here I am going to tell you all about skydiving in Dubai. To know more about skydiving you can visit the official site here.

Types of Skydive

There are two types of skydive in Dubai. One of these is indoor skydiving while the other is outdoor skydiving. In indoor skydiving, there is no involvement of any natural element. It is like a free fall condition into a tunnel. But this type is for young ones and beginners. However, outdoor skydiving is purely for adults and professionals. In this type, you take a flight and jump from a certain height adhering to all preventive measures. Moreover, an extreme professional also accompany you during jump. However, if you are a professional and trained skydiver then you can go for a solo dive as well.

Skydive Dubai Location
The beautiful view of palm valley from the air

Skydive Dubai Location

There are two locations for skydive in Dubai. One is the Desert Campus Drop Zone while the second is Palm Drop Zone. The palm drop zone is more premium and lavish. The desert drop zone is outside the city on the way to Al Ain from Dubai. Moreover, there is also a skydiving school to give training to admittees. The palm drop zone has the most amazing views. You can enjoy the beautiful view of palm valley, Palm Jumeirah beach, Burj Al Arab, and world Island.

Skydive Dubai location Prices

There are different prices for both drop zones. Palm drop zone is more premium and expensive as compared to the desert drop zone.

    • Price of the desert drop zone                               1699 AED
    • The premium palm drop zone                              2199 AED
    • price of indoor skydiving                                        175 AED

Age & Weight Restrictions

For outdoor skydiving, you must be at least 18 years old. Moreover, your Body Mass Index (BMI) should not exceed the limits. Here is the BMI rule for skydiving:

    • Men                                                 100 kgs or less & BMI 30 or less
    • Women                                              90 kgs or less & BMI 27.5 or less

So, these are some basics and essential information for skydiving in Dubai. If you ever visit Dubai you should never miss outdoor skydiving.

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