Taina Williams G Herbo A Love Duo

Who are Taina Williams G Herbo?

Taina Williams G Herbo are two desperate lovers. They are both together from late 2018. Moreover, G Herbo is an American rapper who born on 8 October 1995. His original is Herbert Randall Wright III. However, he is famous for his stage name G Herbo. The Chicago native is also a songwriter and has launched many music albums. Herbo has contracted with Machine Entertainment Group.

Taina Williams G Herbo
G Herbo with the family of Taina Emily B and Fabulous

While Taina Williams is another famous celebrity since her childhood. She is the daughter of famous rapper Emily B. Taina, born on 1st April 1998, is a social media star as well as a model. Let’s here have a look at the relationship between the love duo. However, to read full details, click here.

Relationship between Taina & G Herbo

G Herbo already married Ariana Fletcher and they have a baby as well. But they divorced later in 2019. They were rumours that the reason behind the break up of two is Taina. Ariana also alleged him for cheating. She said that I saw G Herbo talking to another girl on Face time. However, the rumours were there that the girl was Taina Williams.

However, at that time neither they confirmed their relation nor denied. But Taina and G Herbo started dating in January 2019. Moreover, they made it more public in October 2019, when it was G Herbo’s birthday. Taina posted a picture on Instagram with loads of love notes. They also enjoyed a helicopter tour before the party.

Ariana Fletcher Reaction

Arianna Fletcher could not digest easily her break up with G Herbo. Because they were already having a son. Hence on the eve of G Herbo’s birthday, she took Instagram to react very harshly. She said that keep my son from Taina using some abusive words. Also, she said that never disrespect my son. However, later she deleted her post and it seems the issue has been resolved.

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taina williams g herbo are dating since late 2018. Taina Williams is the daughter of Emily B and Fabolous. She expressed immense love for g Herbo
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