Time Machine VR-Monsters of The Sea

What about Time Machine VR?

Do you ever wish to go back to the past in the era of Jurassic? Or do you want to see the ancient creatures live that ruled the ocean? Yes? Well, then play the game Time Machine VR: Monsters of the Sea. It is also good to get some scientific knowledge of the ancient sea monsters. Moreover, it is a VR game, and you need to have Oculus Go VR Gears to become a part of the game.


The following are the necessary details about giant sea monsters’ game.

  • Genre: Adventure, Casual, Simulation
  • Language: English, French (France)
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 538.9 MB
  • Developer: Minority Media, Inc.
  • Download: The link is available at the end of this post to download the game.

The gameplay of Time Machine VR: Monster underwater

After using Oculus Go VR gear, you start playing this fantastic game. In a virtual world, you can interact with the prehistoric creature. Moreover, you become a part of that environment and carefully observe all monsters diving underwater. The remarkable thing is that you travel back to the time in the era of Jurassic, and go through a lot of famous sea monsters. It has more than 12 levels, and every level amuses the player so much. Also, you come to know about Dakosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Megalodon, and many other scariest sea monsters.

Time Machine VR-The Monsters of the Sea
Prehistoric creatures of the Jurassic era.

Get the Best quality Oculus Go VR Gears.

Well, so far, you will be well aware that Oculus Go VR Gears control the Time Machine game. Therefore, you will have to get these VR headsets. You can purchase it from here as well.

Download Time Machine VR

You can download this educational game by clicking this link. However, if you are using Android and ios smartphones, then download it from the respective app stores.

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