Which Is The Top Cryptocurrency And How To Trade It?

What is the top cryptocurrency?

The crypto market has become the most exciting and profitable market to invest in. This is the market that can make one a millionaire overnight. Because the crypto prices can go high within seconds. Moreover, Visa the crypto card supporter has now allowed payment settlement using cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the crypto popularity has more increased. So, these new initiatives are tempting more people to invest in crypto. However, the question is which is the top cryptocurrency. What cryptocurrency should I buy?

Cryptocurrency listWhich cryptocurrency should I buy?

We are seeing a lot of cryptocurrencies that are being listed on the largest crypto exchanges. Every other day we see a new cryptocurrency. So, in such a saturated market which digital money i.e crypto to buy. Well, the top currencies in the market are the following.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash

The price of Bitcoin has surged from $5K to almost $62K in a span of twelve months. Similarly, in this period Ethereum has gone over $2K from just $70. So, you can imagine how these two currencies are cruising. Apart from these, you can join a crypto community to learn more about gem coins.

How can I buy/sell cryptocurrencies?

Well, you will have to keep in mind that there is no central authority that controls cryptocurrencies. Hence, there is no specific platform. However, there are a lot of the best-decentralized crypto exchanges that provide you trading facility. The following two are the best exchanges.

Click on the above of any exchange, create your account and start buying/selling cryptocurrencies.

Is trading cryptocurrencies a good idea?

No doubt, this market has grown immensely and has become highly profitable. Just, for instance, the price of the Alice token surged to $60 from $0.1 in a very short span. So, who invested just $100 got $60,000. However, this market is highly volatile and should always keep an eye on breaking crypto news as well as crypto charts to trade effectively. Because the risk factor is also involved in this market.

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