Tyler G Bachelorette Accusations for Leaving

Who is Tyler G?

Before writing down about Tyler G Bachelorette Accusations for leaving, we know about Tyler G. Tyler Gwozdz was an American TV personality and former “Bachelorette”, contestant. Moreover, he is commonly famous as Tyler G among his fans. Moreover, Tyler has many mysteries in his life. He was born in the year 1991 but his family have never disclosed the exact date of birth. He was one of the popular contestants of an American popular TV show “Bachelorette”. But he left the show because of some reasons. However, just 10 days after leaving the show, he died on 22 January 2020 in Florida. When he died, he was 29 years old. The causes of death are still under investigation. However, it has been said that he died because of a medication overdose. For full details, visit here.

Tyler gwozdz elimination
Tyler Gwozdz disappointed after his elimination

Tyler G Bachelorette Accusations for leaving

Well, like other mysteries of Tyler G, this is also a mystery that why he left the show. His sudden and quiet elimination raised many questions for Tyler’s fan as well as the Bachelorette nation. Moreover, there was no official statement by the TV and show producers. This is still a hidden secret, however, one of Reddit user revealed about his elimination/.

The Reddit user said that he behaved very harshly with his ex-girlfriend Hanna, another Bachelorette contestant. He further said that Tyler G spit on his ex-girlfriend and abused her. The user said that it proved Tyler an extreme misogynist.

Was Tyler kicked off or he left himself?

News are hovering over in the media still that Tyler G himself left the show or administration kicked him off. However, it is not clear yet. Many said that it was a mutual decision. Tyler told,

I came with the producers on this decision and I think that it is not a wrong decision. Moreover, what are the actual reasons, I can not disclose. I want to maintain my privacy.

However, his ex-girlfriend Hanna also called his elimination an unfortunate decision. She said,

Tyler G sudden departure was an unfortunate. I had really enjoyed with him last week on one to one date.

Though Tyler Gwozdz has died yet the mysteries of his life are alive.

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Tyler g bachelorette accusation
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Tyler g bachelorette accusation
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