What Are The Types of NFTs?

What about NFTs?

For a few years, cryptocurrencies enjoyed great popularity and a lot of billionaires came out after investing in the crypto market. However, for the last two years, another word has taken the market by storm and that is NFT. Non-fungible tokens have become extremely popular among investors and many celebrities are also creating their own NFTs. Well, NFTs are the digital form of assets we have in the physical world. There are many types of NFTs and we are going to explore them in this article.

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What are the popular types of NFTs?

It is safe to say that everything we can imagine is an NFT. Moreover, NFTs to seems to be everywhere, in every walk of life; from art, fashion, and finance to social media as well. There are many valuable NFTs, however, keeping in view the previous lines, the following are the popular NFT types.

  1. NFT Art
  2. Music NFT
  3. Games NFT
  4. Fashion NFT
  5. NFT memes

Which type of NFT I should buy?

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What is NFT & why people buy NFT

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