Wanda Icardi The Famous Figure in Argentina

Who is Wanda Icardi?

Wanda Icardi, also famous as Wanda Nara was born on 10 December 1986 in Argentina. She is an amazing lady working in various fields. Wanda is a famous media personality in Argentina and also a football agent. Moreover, she is also a showgirl, TV presenter and a model. She is truly an example of beauty with wisdom. In 2014, she married Mauro Icardi, a professional Argentinian footballer. Mauro was also her client before marriage. However, in 2008, Wanda also married footballer, Maxi Lopez. But they divorced after together for 5 years. Here, let’s have a look at his life and career. However, for further details, you may click here.

Wanda Icardiu
Wanda Nara and Maur Icardi sharing moments

Early Career

Wanda started her career as a second vedette in summer theatre season of 2005-2006. Moreover, in the next season, she was the vedette in the revue King Corona of Jorge Corona. However, two months later, she left the revue because of abusive behaviour of fellow comedian and his wife. In 2007, she signed a contract with a popular Argentina TV program of Channel 13, Showmatch. This contract helped her a lot to boost her career. Two years later, in 2009, she also participated in El Musical de Tus Suenos. In 2011, she contested in Patinando 2011. But she had to leave to go because of her pregnancy. Later in 2018, she worked as a showgirl when she replaced Melissa Satta.

Wanda’s personal life

Wanda first married Maxi Lopez in 2008 but divorced because of alleged cheating by Lopez. However, they both had three sons together. After the separation, she returned to Buenos Aires Argentina along with her three sons. Here in Argentina, she started a relationship with her client footballer Mauro Icardi. Also, Icardi was a friend of Lopez. Therefore, Wanda knew her very well before they started dating. Because of their relation, in 2014, during Series A match between Lopez’s Sampdoria and Icard’s Inter, Lopez refused to shake hand with Icardi. However, Icardi married Wanda on 27 May 2014 and has two daughters.

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Wanda Icardi
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Wanda Icardi the wife of Maur Icardi is the influential personality in Argentina as well as in the world of Football. Before Icardi she married Maxi Lopez
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